New Beginnings

“And suddenly you just know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings.” -Unknown

I quit my job. I quit my stable, forty-hour a week job that paid me well in order to chase a dream of owning my own business, and I remember the day like it was yesterday. I came home to my loving, supportive partner crying, telling him that I felt “broken.” I felt broken and lost every day that I left the house to go to a job that I didn’t feel passionate about and that knocked me down day after day. This was the day that he sat me down, looked at me, and said “You’re done. It’s not worth it.” There was an instant wave of relief, which was, of course, followed by a massive pang of fear.

“I can’t quit my job! We need money! Will people think I’m a quitter? Will people think I’m lazy? Oh crap, I’ll actually have to quit and that’s also terrifying. I can’t do this. But I can’t keep going on like this. Shit, I’m actually going to quit tonight.” That inner monologue went on for hours, and even after the deed had been completed, it was still running rampant through my brain. Even with that dialogue attacking me, I did it. I quit my job and two days later, ordered the supplies to start a candle business. This was two months ago, and today, I launched my first candle line on Etsy. I took the pictures, I made the candles, I made the scents, I made the labels. I did it all in order to follow of terrifying, wonderful dream that I’ve had since I was a little girl. I. Did. It.

This is my new beginning. My new beginning that allows me to finally express my creative side. My new beginning that lets me come onto here and post about my life. My new beginning that excites and challenges me. This new beginning won’t be easy. I’m going to run into challenges and obstacles that I can’t plan for, but I will never, ever, look back.

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